Bring Google Docs to your desktop

GDocsDrive is a Google Docs client app, which allows you to manage Google Docs files with ease, all from the comfort of your desktop.

With GDocsDrive, you can conveniently use your local applications to modify online Google Docs files, and drag and drop files directly between Google cloud and your local computer.

Nearly all the functions of Google Docs are seamlessly available in this one tool, which makes Google Docs like a Google Drive on your desktop.

Note: GDocsDrive is currently unavailable due to the update of Google Drive API. We will come back soon.

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What users are saying:

I’m impressed with this tool. It's really good! I could do pretty much anything I could think of, and it all feels like I’m working with a desktop app rather than a web-based one.

--Erez Zukerman

This is a fantastic Google Drive desktop utility! I use Google Drive extensively, and found this tool very helpful for my daily work.

--Deni Connor